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Since 2013, Art Expression Inc. has partnered with the Homeless Children’s Education Fund (HCEF) to create programs focused on HCEF’s mission to advance the education of children and youth experiencing homelessness, guiding them to be productive, empowered citizens. As a national model for addressing the educational needs of unstably-housed children and youth, HCEF leads a collaborative effort among regional partners by providing educational programs and services in Allegheny County and advocating for policy and system improvement.

Current and past partners include:

Shelter Partners

Partnering with various community organizations has allowed Art Expression, Inc. to develop unique, innovative programs that reach out to even more children throughout the surrounding Pittsburgh area. An example of these partnerships would be the program variant ARTS in Motion, which incorporates qualified educational staff from the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater to conduct the dance & movement portion of the workshops. The Ballet staff work alongside Art Expression’s facilitators to create a holistic experience that engages the students and allows them to express themselves both physically and through visual art.

Current and past partners include:

Community Partners


School District Partners

Art Expression programs are open to all students who wish to participate, with some students self-enrolling while others are invited by school faculty or counselors who feel that the students would benefit from the program. Our programs are fully inclusive, we serve many children with mental, behavioral, and physical health challenges such as ADD, ADHD, autism, and physical limitations as well as students who experience trauma, neglect and hardship at home. All classes take place in the students’ usual school building to provide a setting where they feel comfortable and secure. Each year, Art Expression seeks out additional schools districts to initiate programming in new areas and expand its reach ever farther.

Current and past partners include:


Contact Us

Art Expression has many community partners including, community and professional organizations, school districts and foundations. If you are interested in helping children through a partnership with Art Expression please contact us.

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